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Patient Warming Systems


STIHLER ELECTRONIC was set up in 1986 to manufacture and sell high-quality products for medical applications. Since 2019 STIHLER ELECTRONIC GmbH is proud to be a part of Gentherm Medical and is now a Gentherm company.


Our aim is to provide users in all hospital departments with equipment to help protect patients from the negative symptoms which accompany surgery and treatment regimes. Patient warming (prevention of hypothermia) and prophylaxis of decubitus in the surgical department and throughout the hospital are top priorities here.


Awareness of the problem of hypothermia has grown steadily all over the world from our inception in 1985 to the present day. We now know, as recent studies confirm, that even mild cases of perioperative cooling of the patient, for example, represent a risk to the patient which has to be taken seriously. Consistent warming of the patient in theatre, in the recovery room, on the intensive care ward and elsewhere prevents this risk to the patient together with its concomitant nursing and financial outlay.


STIHLER ELECTRONIC manufactures a full range of products for warming blood and infusions as well as for keeping patients warm.


The entire STIHLER ELECTRONIC product line is characterized by all products being designed for many years' routine use. Awkward and expensive disposables are not required for use.


A transillumination device for vein search in neonates and babies rounds up the product portfolio.


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